Conservation Framing

The purpose of conservation framing is to preserve artwork so that it will not deteriorate. These days, much work is valuable or of sentimental value, and our aim is to preserve it.

This is achieved in a number of ways – acid-free materials must surround the work so that it is not attacked by hardboard or other acidic boards – work should be held away from the glass as , over time, work tends to glue itself to the glass .

Works on paper , especially, are subject to attack from ultra-violet rays , so work should be kept in subdued light. There are also special u.v. filtering glasses available.

All work should also be reversible, and the aim is that anything framed archivally should continue to maintain its condition and also it's value, over the coming years.

Advice as to where and how work should be hung, is also necessary. 
Obviously posters and ephemera do not need to be framed in a conservation manner, as they are only intended to last a certain time – they are less expensive to frame as a result.

We have a wide range of frame samples ( approx 800 ), as well as a selection of acid-free boards and a number of different speciality glasses.

All work is carried out 'in house' and the turnround is typically 4-9 days.

We presently accept cash, credit cards and cheques, with a deposit being taken with the order.