Prints of Stuart Free Paintings from Frameworks Crouch End

Stuart Free

Stuart has painted three hundred locations in London. Those of you who know the city well will find many memories in these paintings. He has painted venues that were socially and historically important, buildings that were very often neglected or about to disappear.

We normally have 1 or 2 original, large works on paper, mounted and framed, and a selection of Limited Edition Prints, mounted and framed, on display in our shop/gallery.
A.14 Morikawa Chikashige 1882

Japanese Woodblock Prints

We have a selection of genuine 19c Japanese woodblock prints (Ukiyo-e), for sale.

These are sourced worldwide, and are all archivally framed and mounted, with conservation glass and descriptions of the artist, dates, and scenes portrayed. 
19th Century Japanese Woodblock Prints - Archival 'Giclee' prints on 'washi' paper

Japanese Woodblock ‘giclee’  Prints

Where famous images by well known artists are concerned, they can be prohibitively expensive, so we have a few excellent archival copies , ‘giclee’ printed on genuine ‘washi’ paper, available to buy.

Whilst they may not be investments in the sense that the original 19c works may be, they are beautiful and decorative.